SS-SHSJ Shanghai Datacenter

SakuraServer own Shanghai datacenter.


To provide customers the best China international bandwidth, SakuraServer started building our own datacenter in Shanghai since 04/2014, and the first phase ready in 09/2014.

Before providing the Shanghai location, we added our VPS and dedicated server service in Renqiu, Hebei, China, but the international network is not stable and fast enough. However, that's not a problem in our SS-SHSJ datacenter, we have one of the best China international bandwidth, it's stable and fast.

The network of our SS-SHSJ datacenter is based on China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network(CN2 Network), so you'll get quality international bandwidth.

Service in SS-SHSJ Datacenter

Currently following service available in SS-SHSJ Datacenter.

  • VPS Service, Start from $69.99 per month, Click Here to Order.
  • Dedicated Server, contact us for detais.
  • Colocation, contact us for details.
  • International network service for your company or home( Get stable international network and unblock twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.), contact us for details.


Network Map

Network Latency

  • Hong Kong - Mainland China < 50 ms
  • Singapore – Mainland China < 80 ms
  • Asia (Intra-Asia ) < 110 ms
  • Europe – Asia < 220 ms
  • Transatlantic < 85 ms
  • Transpacific < 120 ms

Custom Network Solution

SakuraServer also privide custom network solution based on network, which will help you get a suitable network for you business or home, such as streaming, foreign bandwidth. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.