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Location Singapore Sydney, Australia FR / CA / NC
CPU 1Core 1Core 1Core
Dedicated RAM 1024MB 1024MB 512MB
Dedicated Storage Space SSD 30GB SSD 30GB HDD 20GB
Dedicated IPv4 Address 1 1 1
Dedicated IPv6 Address
Monthly Traffic 1TB* 1TB* 200GB**
Network Connection 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Virtualization KVM KVM VMware
RAID Protect
Linux / BSD
FREE Windows
Your Own ISO
Management Self Manage Self Manage Self Manage
Setup Fee Free Free Free
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$11.99/Per Month
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$48.99/Per Year
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Quarterly $10.66 / Per Month $10.66 / Per Month
Simi-Annually $10.16 /Per Month $10.16 /Per Month $25.99 /Per Half Year
Annually $9.99 /Per Month $9.99 /Per Month $48.99 /Per Year

Additional Features
Setup Time 0-12 Hours*** 0-12 Hours*** 0-24 Hours***
Server Info SSH (*nix) SSH (*nix) RDP (Windows)/SSH (*nix)
VNC Available on Request
FTP Backup
VPN Support
Additional IPv4
Additional IPv6

Singapore Test(SG):

Sydney Australia Test(SYD):

Canada Test(CA): / 1GB File Download Test

France Test(FR): / 2001:41d0:2:876a::1 / 1GB File Download Test

North Carolina Test(NC): / 1000MB File Download Test

* No traffic overuse fee, the port speed will be limited to 10Mbps if exceed traffic limit.

** No traffic overuse fee, the port speed will be limited to 1Mbps if exceed traffic limit, contact us if you need more traffic.

*** The setup time depends on schedule and resource status, may delay, contact us if you need exact SLA.

Need a custom plan? Feel free to contact us: info@sakuraserver.com