Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment you accept? >Currently we accept the payment from Paypal, Western Union Transfer, Alipay, Wire Transfer, CyptoCoins(BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE).

2. When can the server be delivered? >For VPS users, the server setup time is 0-48 hours, generally can be delivered in 6 hours. For Dedicated Server users, the server setup time is 0-7 days, generally can be delivered in 2 days. Please be patient for server setup.

3. Can I use my own Windows license? >For dedicated server, no. For VPS, yes.

4. How can I know the traffic I used, >Please install a program to monitor your traffic if you really use a lot(check our knowledgebase), also we'll send you a notice you if you have exceed the traffic limit.

5. Can I register multi account for promotion? >No.

6. Can I install OS by my self? >For VPS users, yes, you just need to open a ticket, we'll load the ISO and enable VNC for you. For dedicated server users, you can do that if your server have IPMI access.


Also you can check our Knowledgebase at: http://client.sakuraserver.com/knowledgebase.php