Terms of Service

Before your order, please read these, it won’t take much time.

Billing&Client Area Account

>Customer required to provide true and available contact information, account verify will be required in some situation.
>SakuraServer reserves the right to cancel or terminal the order at anytime.
>No refund if you violate our TOS.
>If you are not satisfied with our VPS service, we can offer you a refund in 7 days(Paypal, Alipay). The setup fees, OS license fees, additional IP fees are not refundable, also transaction fees will deducted from the refund, and we won't accept any new order or renew from you.
>We don't provide any refund on dedicated server orders.
>SakuraServer reserves the right to change price and plan at anytime. When it affect old orders, notification will send to client.
>For VPS users, you should send the cancellation request 7 days in advance.
>For dedicated server, you should send the cancellation request 15 days in advance.
>All invoices should be paid before the due date, otherwise,delay fee will be charged.
>Invoice overdue will cause server suspension, in that situaiton, the order may be canceled anytime. For VMs, the data will be deleted after 15 days. For dedicated servers, the data will be deleted after 5 days, but it may be deleted after 24 hours in some special situation.


>DDos/ Botnet/ Hack/ Network Scanner/ Port Scan is strictly prohibit.
>Any other illegal or malicious activities not allowed.
>P2P(Torrent, ED2K etc.) is not allowed on our VPS service as it serious affect disk IO/Network.
>For VPS users, your service might be temporarily suspended or limited if you seriously affect other clients(Include but not limited to CPU usage/Disk IO/Bandwidth.), and will be terminated if abuse happens frequently. To make sure customer have decent experience, we reserve the right to move/change your service to same price level one if your service been overuse resource or affected other users on the node.
>If any abuse happened on your server, administrator have absolute right to suspend your server.

Zero Tolerance Spams

>For any personal users, any spams is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended immediately, any data backup or refund request will be direct rejected.


>About IRC, please tell us what kind of IRC you are running before order, and if your IRC frequently be DDoS or other attacks, please find somewhere else.
>If any complaints recieved, you must resolved within 24 hours, or your service will be suspended.
>The content must be legal with law of server location.
>Child Porn/Scam/Phishing is strictly prohibited on any server.

OS&Reinstallation&Data Safe

>For VPS products. Generally, OS reinstallation is free, but we my charge you $7 setup fee if your request is frequently.
>For dedicated server products. Generally, OS reinstallation is free, but we my charge you $7 setup fee if your request is frequently.
>SakuraServer reserves the right to change your OS on some special situation, a notice with details will be sent before process.
>For VPS products, SakuraServer will do our best to avoid any data loss, most server config with RAID protection, and we monitor the HDD states 24×7, but we are not responsible for lost data, so please backup the important data.
>For dedicated servers, all hardware have been tested before delivery, we are not responsible for the data loss caused by unexpected drive failure or customer's mistake. But a charged data recovery can be requested.


>Customer service priority will be reduced in these situation: spam or rude in ticket, frequently payment delay, Ignore resource abuse notice.
>Do not order from proxy/VPN.
>Do not use any insecure password.
>Multi account is not allowed, do not try to register new account for promo, that's just wasting of time.
>SakuraServer reserves the right to change TOS at anytime.